Keys To Running A Successful Country Club

When we think of a country club, images of people sitting around drinking brandy, smoking cigars, and talking in high-brow tones are typical pictures that come to mind.  In today’s modern world these images are not really the case.  When it comes to country club management today, we have a lot of different cliental and opportunities to work with.


The atmosphere that we create for our country club will set the state for everything that we do moving forward.  If we have an inviting atmosphere for a large group of people, then we will get a higher level of people to attend the club.  If we have a darker less inviting atmosphere, then we will attract or detract from the desired people we want.


country club management

When it comes to a country club, we want to have specific events that people want to attend.  You also want to have areas of the club that people can rent or use for their events and parties.  When you have these opportunities then people will start to make it their own and larger and more engaging events will occur.

Upkeep and Amenities

You want to make sure that your club is kept nice and clean.  You want to have amenities such as pools, tennis, basketball and other activities that you can have others who are not really into golf can use while others use the course.  This will help encourage families to attend the country club and if they can bring their families, then more and more people will see the value and join.

Friendly staff

You want to make sure that you have a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  If the staff is friendly and helpful, then members will feel that their needs are met and will come and bring others who may soon become members.

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