How to Keep Tick Off When You’re Outdoors

If you do not take precaution against ticks, you might as well plan to get a bit. A tick is a parasite that feeds on animal and human blood. They hide in tall grass, plants, and leaves and jump on the victim who usually doesn’t suspect a thing. Ticks are dangerous in that they can transmit the disease to humans and to animals. You can take measures to reduce the risks of a tick bite when you are outdoors this summer.

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Inspect Your Lawn

Regularly inspect your lawn, looking for any signs or evidence of ticks. If you notice signs of ticks, take action, and hire professional pest control experts at once. A tick infestation can occur very quickly if you ignore the problem.

Protective Clothing

Wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants when outdoors, especially if in tall grass or wooded areas. You should wear socks that cover the ankles for further protection. You should also wear a hat to protect your hair from ticks. Ticks have difficulty getting inside of sleeves, protecting you from a bite. Remove clothing when you return indoors.

Pest Control Services

Professional pest control service keeps your property free from ticks. You can hire residential tick control memphis for a small cost and sleep better at night knowing that your home is protected. Professionals bring the best products and expertise to keep your home tick-free.

Final Word

Ticks are all a part of the summer in Memphis, but you can protect yourself and loved ones with the above tips. It is too beautiful outside in the summer to stay hidden in the house because you fear ticks. Don’t give them the chance to ruin your day or make you sick and protect yourself the right way.

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